Magic Johnson, Lakers Trying To Limit Wear And Tear On LeBron James

Source: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images North America

Despite entering his 16th season in the NBA, LeBron James continues to prove he is the best player in the world when he is fully engaged.

In his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers, James has already made a clear impact on the young roster. The 33-year-old has enhanced everyone around him while also showing that he can still score at will on most nights.

However, with so many miles on his body, some wonder how long James can continue to play at such an elite level. The idea in free agency for the Lakers front office was to surround James with as many playmakers as possible in order to lighten his load.

President of basketball operations Magic Johnson made it clear that keeping James fresh and allowing the rest of the roster to handle the ball are priorities for the 2018-2019 NBA season, according to Bleacher Report:

James’ sustained level of success is almost unprecedented given how much basketball he has played. The three-time champion is coming off eight consecutive NBA Finals appearances and all the minutes are a cause for concern.

However, James has built a reputation for the preparation and measures he takes to ensure his body can hold up throughout an 82-game season plus the playoffs. At this point in his career, he picks and chooses when to go full throttle and it has paid off so far.

As the Lakers have won both games to begin their four-game homestand, they are still in a good position to rally since the season is still young. Hopefully, James and the Lakers continue to improve in 10-game increments.

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