LeBron James Likes Direction, Monthly Improvement Of 2018-19 NBA Season

Source: Harry How/Getty Images North America

LeBron James knew he would have to be patient when he chose to sign with the Los Angeles Lakers, a team comprised of talented but young players.

Many doubted James would have the patience to play on such a young team because he has generally played with older groups of players. Those doubters were ready to say they were right when the 33-year-old admitted he almost ‘cracked’ earlier in the 2018-19 NBA season.

However, the Lakers have made it easier for him to be patient as they are currently 18-13 and fourth in the Western Conference with only more room to improve.

Not only is James pleased with the winning, but he is also pleased with the improvement he has seen throughout the season, according to Ryan Ward of ClutchPoints:

While the Lakers have played well so far, there is still over half of the games remaining in the regular season. This gives them a considerable amount of time to improve and to fix any problems that have costed them any close games they could have won.

Although they did let some winnable games slip away, it is about winning or learning for Los Angeles this season. It is safe to say that the Lakers have learned from their losses so far as they have come a long way from their 0-3 start.

With the return of Brandon Ingram and Rajon Rondo nearing, the Lakers should be able to finally gauge how good they really are. The Christmas Day matchup against the Golden State Warriors should serve as a measuring stick for the Lakers if both teams are healthy.

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