Danny Green Reacts To JR Smith, ‘Very Excited’ About Potential Increased Role

Danny Green knows what it takes to win a championship, making him one of the most knowledgable players on the Los Angeles Lakers when it comes to analyzing how the loss of Avery Bradley will impact them in the 2019-20 NBA season restart.

According to Green, he spoke about how he will need to step up on the defensive end now for the Lakers that Bradley has opted out of playing in Orlando, FL.

“Very excited. This is definitely something I’m looking forward to. Obviously, Avery made it easier for me on the defensive end of the floor. We were able to switch a lot, he also picks up 94 feet, but being able to take on that challenge night in and night out of being… hopefully coach sees me as the primary defender is something I look forward to,” Green said about his potential new defensive role on the Lakers.

Bradley was usually deployed as the primary defender against the opponent’s best perimeter player, which then gave Green the ability to focus more on offense.

However, with Bradley gone now, Green will need to take more responsibility on defense, which he is more than capable of as one of the best 3-and-D players.

Green is top-five on the Lakers in defensive win shares and defensive box plus/minus, making him the perfect candidate to take on Bradley’s role now.

In terms of the open roster spot that losing Bradley created, Green also voiced his opinion on the Lakers possibly signing JR Smith for the rest of the season.

“He looks good. When I have seen him, he’s shot the ball well. He looks in pretty good shape. We’ll see how it goes,” Green said about his potential new teammate.

Green did not have much to say, but that is understandable seeing as though Smith has not played in an NBA game since Nov. 19, 2018 with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

If Smith can stay focused and play to the best of his ability, he and Green could form a fearsome duo of sharpshooters next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

With Green and Smith on the perimeter, opposing defenses will be forced to respect their three-point shooting, clearing the way for James and Davis to work.

As the season restart draws close, Green will continue to prep for his more strenuous workload in the hopes of winning his second consecutive championship.

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