2021-22 Lakers Uniform Schedule: Icon, Association, Statement, City Edition

The Los Angeles Lakers unveiled their Nike City Edition uniform for the 2021-22 NBA season. This Nov. 1 launch celebrates the league’s 75th anniversary season and the first-ever game played between the New York Knicks and Toronto Huskies.

“A team whose innovation transformed into tradition,” Nike Global Vice President and General Manager Aaron Cain said. “Nike worked with the Lakers to design the Nike NBA City Edition uniform to reflect that dynastic history — one that honors past glory and sets the course for all the history that’s yet to be written.”

Unlike the previous 4 seasons where Kobe Bryant (2017-18), Magic Johnson (2018-19), Shaquille O’Neal (2019-20), and Elgin Baylor (2020-21) all designed their own City Edition uniforms as part of the team’s ‘Lore Series,’ this season’s uniform “represents the ultimate basketball moments mixtape,” according to

Uniform Details

Minneapolis Era (1950s): Minneapolis blue, stars to the left and right of number

Arrival Era (1960s): Classic triangle wordmark on shorts

Pursuit Era (1970s): Tilted Lakers wordmark on chest

Showtime Era (1980s): Drop shadow numbering

Three-Peat Era (2000s): Secondary logo belt buckle

Back-2-Back Era (2010s): Road championship purple

The Lakers will debut this uniform on Nov. 12 versus the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Uniform Collection And Philosophy

Los Angeles Lakers
Photo by Los Angeles Lakers/NBA

Icon (Gold): Lakers try to wear this jersey every other time at the Staples Center. This jersey represents the “wisdom, quality, and success” of the team while the purple belt blocking is a “heritage tie to the spirit” of Johnson’s Showtime era.

Los Angeles Lakers
Photo by Los Angeles Lakers/NBA

Association (White): Lakers try to wear this jersey on Sundays and holidays. This jersey that was introduced at the start of the 2002-03 season represents “affinity for conscious change” while the tape detail encompasses all of the team’s colors.

Los Angeles Lakers
Photo by Los Angeles Lakers/NBA

Statement (Purple): Lakers try to wear this jersey on Wednesdays. This jersey personifies “nobility, power, and ambition” while the black paneling (instead of gold) represents the “dark arena before the dim lights came on” at The Forum.

Los Angeles Lakers
Photo by Los Angeles Lakers/NBA

City (Moments Mixtape): Lakers try to wear this jersey at home. This jersey represents a “compilation of details from each iconic era” since Minneapolis.

Source: Los Angeles Lakers

Uniform Schedule

Nov. 2 | Houston Rockets | Icon
Nov. 4 | Oklahoma City Thunder | Icon
Nov. 6 | @ Portland Trail Blazers | Statement
Nov. 8 | Charlotte Hornets | Icon
Nov. 10 | Miami Heat | Statement
Nov. 12 | Minnesota Timberwolves | City
Nov. 14 | San Antonio Spurs | Association
Nov. 15 | Chicago Bulls | City
Nov. 17 | @ Milwaukee Bucks | Statement
Nov. 19 | @ Boston Celtics | Icon
Nov. 21 | @ Detroit Pistons | Statement
Nov. 23 | @ New York Knicks | Icon
Nov. 24 | @ Indiana Pacers | Statement
Nov. 26 | Sacramento Kings | Icon
Nov. 28 | Detroit Pistons | Association
Nov. 30 | @ Sacramento Kings | Icon

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